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Sheboygan Falls Park Shelter Rental

The City of Sheboygan Falls has four park shelters available for rent from May 15th through October 15th. Park reservation requests for City of Sheboygan Falls residents begins January 2, or our first business day after January 2nd.   Residents waiting in line get first reservations. Park reservation requests for non-city residents begins May 1, or our first business day in May.

Call City Hall 920-467-7900 Ext. 110. Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm  Closed holidays.

Small Shelters

Large Shelters

City Residents $75.00 City Residents $100.00
Non-City Residents $150.00 Non-City Residents $200.00
City Organizations $100.00 City Organizations $125.00
Non-City Organizations $200.00 Non-City Organizations $250.00
City Companies $125.00 City Companies $175.00
Non-City Companies $250.00 Non-City Companies $350.00

Paper towels,toilet paper and hand soap are provided in each shelter bathroom. Bring your own garbage bags. Recycling bins are inside each site. Dump bagged garbage at end of event into dumpster provided. Sweep and clean shelter.  No dogs allowed in park.

River Park Shelters
on Western Avenue
Two tennis courts & a baseball diamond in the general park area

Lagoon #4
101 Western Avenue

River Park JC #8
201 Western Avenue

15' x 27' inside, 10' x 27' outside
Holds 30 people
8 single outlets
3 tables with seats
2 serving tables
1 (16"x 36")fryer
Sink inside
Bathrooms open summer days
36' x 57'
Holds 200+ people
13 duplicate outlets
12 tables/seats
13 serving tables
1 (18"x 60") fryer
Faucet/fountain outside
Bathrooms locked - key unlocks for
shelter hours
River Park River Park
Lagoon Park Lagoon Park

Rochester Park Shelters
(at end of Hickory Street - off Monroe Street)

Rochester I
710 Hickory Street

Rochester II
780 Hickory Street

North end of park (1st one)
18'‘ x 47'
Holds 70 people
5 duplicate outlets
5 inside table/seats, 4 outside
3 serving tables
1 (14" x 36") fryer
Drinking fountains inside and out
Bathrooms are locked (key unlocks)
Ball diamond, tennis courts,
basketball court, volleyball net
South end of park (2nd one)
41' x 45' inside, 40' x 45' outside, covered
Holds 200+ people
12 duplicate outlets
9 table/seats inside
8 serving tables inside
16 tables/seats
11 tables/seats
1 (18" x 60") fryer
1 sink in small kitchen area
Bathrooms are open summer days
Playground area
Rochester Park Rochester Park
Rochester Park Rochester Park

Gazebo at Riverpark (first come, first served) - if using more than the regular outlet, needs the #536 key and $50.00 security deposit.

$50 key deposit is required for all rentals.

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